Light Resistance Band Bundle

Light Resistance Band Bundle

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Light: 15-25 lbs

High-quality cotton bands are made from natural latex.  

Fitness bands that are designed to last! TAXHI exercise cotton bands allow anyone to get or maintain themselves in shape with virtually limitless possibilities. The thigh band allows you to activate your glute muscles to full potential for squats, glute bridges, adduction, and more! Great for Yoga!

One use of this band and you will definitely be able to tell the difference. 

- NO rolling up 

- NO slipping 

- Durable

The long band functions as a rubber resistance band, but better, allowing you to get an amazing full-body workout without pulling and tugging on your skin. As the thigh band, they are designed to stay in place so you do not have to worry about the resistance band snapping back on you when performing exercises! Also, great for Yoga!

Your Set Includes 

- One Light Resistance Thigh Band 

- One Light Resistance Long Band 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Katelynn McClure

I did not expect the quality to be so good. I've bought some resistance bands and although they claim to be different resistance they all feel the same. This light band actually feels like a light band and I am able to use it for my workouts. The long band is such good quality as well

Leonardo Cremin

I was in between buying these bands and another influencer that sells similar ones. I ended up choosing these ones because of the price and I am glad I did. They are amazing quality and I get to have a long band and a booty band for about the same price that influencers sell one item

Karolann Crona

I was hesitant to buy at first but was really impressed with the quality of the bands.

Roberta Hartmann

Mainly bought for the long band but when I tried the light booty band I was pleasantly surprised that it was an actual light band. I've ought some before from some influencers and they seemed to be the same resistance just different sizes.

Frankie Nicolas

Great product, I cant wait to oder the medium and heavy resistance!